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This is BRIS’ English website. Here, you can find information on BRIS' organization and how to contact us. You can also download the BRIS Report as well as other material from our digital library. Under the link section you can find good and important links to organizations and services with information in English.
Bris – Children’s Rights in Society – is an NGO working for the rights of the child. Bris is a voluntary organization with no political or religious affiliations, to which children can turn for advice and support. Bris was founded in 1971 and is organized into one national association with five regional offices.

Bris’ activities are funded by financial contributions and donations from both private and public donors. Since 2013, Bris’ support services have been staffed by 17 full-time professional counsellors who are based centrally in Stockholm.

The goal of BRIS’ support services is to strengthen the rights of children and young people and improve their living conditions, which is done with the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child as a guide. BRIS' shall support vulnerable children and young people in particular, and provide opportunities for children and young people to conduct a dialogue with adults.

BRIS evaluation of web based services

This is an executive summary of the report on BRIS’ effect study on its web based child contacts, performed in 2011. Children were asked just before, directly after the contact and ten days later, whether the contact with BRIS made any difference to them and if they found BRIS’ services helpful.

The children give high ratings to BRIS. They find BRIS’ services helpful, feel listened to and taken seriously, and their wellbeing and ability to handle their problems is significantly better just after the contact and to some extent after ten days.

Ladda ner pdf  Download executive summary

The BRIS Report

The BRIS Report is BRIS’ annual report on calls , chats and e-mails to the Children’s Helpline, the BRIS-mail and the BRIS-chat.

Being BRIS’ main advocating tool in the work for Children’s rights in Sweden, the BRIS Report aims to mediate children’s voices by presenting the major trends from the last year’s contacts. The content is coverered through figures and analyses and this year’s report also focuses on BRIS’ current development and activities/reports (around mental illness and economic disadvantage), and upcoming publications.

Ladda ner pdf  Download The BRIS Report 2013

The Children, BRIS and IT

"The Children, BRIS and IT" is a result of BRIS’ involvement in the Safer Internet
Plus Programme and the "The Young Internet", a safer internet campaign run in
Sweden by the Swedish Media Council at the Government Offices. As part of the
campaign, we made this in-depth study of children’s contacts with us concerning Internet and other ICT-related issues, and translated it into English. In Sweden, the report was published in September, 2011.

Ladda ner pdf  Download The Children, BRIS and IT

Ladda ner pdf  Download last years report The Children, BRIS and IT 2010

Ladda ner pdf  Download The Children, BRIS and IT 2009

Ladda ner pdf  Download The Children, BRIS and IT 2008


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» A book for parents
A book for parents is now available in several languages: Arabian, Assyrian, Kurdish, Persian, Serbian, Somali, Sorani, Spanish, Swedish, Tigrini and Turkish.