Bris in English

Bris – Children´s Rights in Society is a politically and religiously independent children's rights organization that listens to, supports and strengthens children and young adults' rights in society.

Bris conducts public opinion work to seek the attention of politicians and decision‐makers to child rights' issues on the basis of children's stories. Bris is a consultative body for legislative actions that affect children and young adults.

Bris is a member‐organization financed by member fees and contributions from businesses, private donors, investment funds and partly from the state. Bris' headquarters is located in Stockholm. Bris has five regional offices, which are located in Malmö, Göteborg, Linköping, Stockholm and Umeå.

Bris' support services offer children and young adults up to 18 years old a secure, anonymous and free way to email, chat, or call a counselor at Bris. Since its inception, physical abuse has been a central issue for Bris but support is also about other important issues where the child is mistreated, having problems or needs support and advice from knowledgeable and empathetic adults. Bris has employed counselors in the Support Services division.

Bris is a member of CHI (Child Helpline International), a global network with approximately 190 helplines for children in 145 countries. Together, the networks' helplines receive more than 14 million contacts per year from children and young adults who are in need of support and protection. 

Bris is the only Swedish organization with membership in CHI.

The helpline number to Bris is 116 111. It is a European helpline for children who need help and protection. The European Commission reserves the numbers of organizations (so‐called "help lines") with the knowledge and resources to provide children with professional support.